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Cambodia Boutique Travel was created by professional guides Mr Long and Ing to cater personalized individual travel that is possible in Cambodia at a reasonable price.

Cambodia Boutique Travel Vannak Long and Thy Ing

With our partner Cambodian Trails Private Guided Angkor Tour in Siem Reap we offer from a la carte to custom adventure tours local phnom penh daily tours to full Cambodia Packages. Try our Tours and Packages, on and off the beaten tracks. The quality of our guides and our attention to details to guarantee a high level of service and authenticity is what sets us apart.

Following our travel principles we will always consider your safety, comfort and interest to the authentic Cambodia our priority. For safety on the Road we use top quality 4wd SUV's which are insured and use licensed drivers only.

If you need you trip recommendations about visa, weather updates, adequate clothing, food tasting, water quality as well as your concern about Malaria & Dengue Fever and insects we are happy to be of assistance.


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